​A: To Qualify you should follow these two steps:
Place your order under the ENRG name and ENRG ship to address of  (Education, Non-profit, Religiona, Government, Law enforcement , Firefighter) . Once you have completed order you can reach us through our contact form, please attach a copy of your proof of purchase. You will receive a response confirming your submission.  Please keep a copy of the confirmation. 

A. Yes, each purchase includes a pair of buffers

  1. This product is designed for automotive coil springs, so match the coil specs with the correct buffer size of coil spring you have.
  2. Lift your car and check the gap between spring coils (see Fig. 1) to get the proper measurement (ex. 65mm, then order size B+)
  3. Order the appropriate buffer size in accordance with the approximate measurement between the coils as illustrated.

A. Around 0.5”-1.5”, depending on the buffer size and your coil spring

A. No, it does not affect wheel alignment. This is just a coil spring accessory to boost driving performance

A. ​This product comes in pairs. Typically, front and rear springs are different sizes, so you will need to buy 2 pairs based on your spring size measurements. *Please refer to the “choose the right size” table on page 1

A. ​Refer to the dimension/sizing table on ​DuraTPE® Series  Instructions.

A. ​No, it should not. Please apply enough WD40 to lubricate between the buffer and your vehicle spring.

A. ​AdvaSprings DuraTPE®  products are made of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) copolymers also known as thermoplastic rubber. The DuraTPE®  brand is self-explanatory as it is durable thermoplastic rubber that not only provides a flexible cushion with enhanced vehicle suspension but will also outlast TPU materials.
Thermoplasic rubbers will maintain its form and tension well after TPUs degrade and lose their integrity. The DuraTPE®  is specially formulated to add years to your vehicle suspension by extending the life of automotive coil springs and giving a smoother driving experience.

A.The Durability of RubberShox®  DuraTPE®  Natural Rubber
Why you will benefit from choosing natural thermoplastic rubber,  a greener, healthier and equally durable, natural option over microcellular polymer coil spring buffers and bumpers
The DuraTPE®  natural thermoplastic rubber buffer and bumper accessories enhance vehicle suspension while extending the operational lifespan of   Automotive coil springs. Elite Buffer™ provides a 3-piece solution that encases and fills coil spacings for maximum support. It also diminishes loss of spring tension under the vehicle’s gross weight. All this results in reinforcing vehicle suspension for a smoother ride; enhances handling, especially when cornering and even helps reduce uneven tire wear and tear, also known as “cupping” which is often caused by poor spring suspension.

A natural solution vs. harmful synthetics
Similar coil-spring buffers and bumpers from other brands may be made of microcellular urethane foams.  These often include Isocyanates that are harmful to skin, eye and respiratory system through physical contact and inhalation. Additionally, there are urethanes that not only irritate the nose and throat when inhaled but can also cause nausea, dizziness, light-headedness and fainting. When ordering this product, it is best to check the material data sheet for possible short- and long-term health risks.
The DuraTPE®  Rubber Coil Spring buffers and boosters by RubberShox®  are of Natural Rubber construction. They are specially formulated to a Shore Durometer rating of 70A which is stronger than tire tread rubber. This is required to withstand the high levels of compression and tensile strength for extended vehicular use. While the round buffers encircle coil springs, the DuraTPE®  boosters provide added support from within the coil spacings themselves. DuraTPE®  is made of natural rubber so it is non-toxic. There are no health risks that will result from short or long term exposure as it has no toxicological properties. With temperature tolerances ranging from -40°F to 194°F, DuraTPE®  products are made for extreme conditions and hazardous polymerization does not occur should this product somehow be heated well beyond tolerance.

Natural Rubber is Biodegradable
In addition to providing a durable product, RubberShox®  also practices good stewardship in selecting the materials from which its products are made. Although the DuraTPE® ​ has an operational lifespan, durability and tensile strength to match that of microcellular urethane foams, it will biodegrade when discarded. The synthetic qualities of urethanes prevent this natural process making it more costly and difficult to dispose of.

A. ​See ​“Size choosing” page on www.rubbershox.com. ​ ​also DuraTPE® Series  Instructions.

A. Per the diagram, when the coil spring spacing (D) matches the exact the inner height of the buffer (H2), you will get the maximum support for your coil springs. However, the fit could be so snug that the installation may be very difficult unless you trim the inner loop of the buffer. If you do it this way, your suspension may feel so stiff that you can feel every bump in the road. It will enhance the lift in your car’s suspension which will provide greater control on curvy roads.
Here is another option: If you select a buffer where the spacing (D) is equal to or larger than the outside measurement of the buffer (H1), the installation will go a lot easier but at the cost of providing less lift and support from the buffer.
For most drivers, these 2-concepts should be kept in mind.
The space between spring coils(D) should be larger than (H2) – the(inner buffer height and smaller than (H1) – the buffer’s outside height.
Select the buffer (H2) size that is closest to (D) and it will get more performance. Select an (H1) size that is close to (D) and it will provide a more comfortable ride.
*Select either way depends on what will suit you with the best balance between comfort and performance.

A. ​Even if you don’t really feel anything different does not mean the buffer is not working as designed by giving proper vehicular support. Under most driving conditions, you will not feel that much difference unless you select a tighter buffer to spring coil spacing fit as explained in the previous QA. With a tighter fit, the car suspension will feel very stiff regardless of the road conditions. The positive side to the greater stiffness is that turns are more manageable and there will be a faster rebound over bumps. For the more common, looser-fit installation, the road conditions will be absorbed more by your vehicles shocks and coil springs. You will feel the difference only when driving over bumps or curvy roads. Under these conditions, the added control will be felt more noticeably on your Car, truck, SUV or van. 

A. The difference from the red and black is that the black one is more dense than the red one to provide a more stiffer feel

A. ​ At this time we have not got any feedback related to towing. Since we have not experience them being used on towing I don’t recommend using it for towing purposes or jeep trails. We suggest  securing them with zip ties to prevent them from being forced out of the coil.

A. ​This are design to provide cushion and to assist the spring not to fully compressed and reduce the bouncing when driving over sudden uneven roads when commuting.  
They will help the springs and help it prolong it spring tension.  If the springs are worn out please replace them, rubbershox is not a suspension  alternative

​It is perfectly fine for buffer to overlap on the coil spring. Please make sure to tie both ends of the buffer to coil spring with included zip ties. 

Question. Hi RubberShox Customer Service, I am performing an installation on a small SUV and I am kind of confused with the size selection:

  1. For the front, I measured the (High Inner) spacing as 2.25”-2.5”. I picked size B+ but it was too small, so finally, I went with a size- A as the perfect match. However, the openings are almost touching together.
  2. For the rear, I measured 2.1” and the size B+ can fit it if the buffer was a bit looser on top guide channel.
Installed A

A: Thank you for choosing  RubberShox. I have additional tips and information to help you complete a successful buffer installation for your SUV front and rear Coil Spring.

Jack up the car first. Once the coil spring tension is relaxed, then, you can determine your Coil Spring Gap (CSG#). The front and rear coil springs will need to be measured separately since the  RubberShox size will typically be different between the front and rear tires.

In the case of this (2.25”-2.5”) measurement, it would be ideal to choose CSG# that is equal to or slightly larger than an H2 sized buffer so that optimal suspension enhancement is achieved. As a side-note, it would be very difficult, if not impossible to properly install an H1 sized buffer to the size measured here.

So, for the CSG# (2.25”-2.5”) measurement an H2 size is best. Since an H1 is significantly smaller than the measured CSG#, it will not fit properly.

Here is a trick:
To achieve both (CSG# close to H2, but still keep it easy to install in a tight spot, follow this example) ….
Ex. My car rear suspension CSG# is 0.85”, so I choose CSB-D, as H2 which is 0.8”, which should be perfect to my car, but it would be very hard to install with a smaller size as H1 is 1.81” too high to insert into my rear Coil Spring. Solution: I made H1 close to H2 by cutting inner rim of H1 (See Fig.1), so that Coil Spring can be easily inserted.
*In the example shown, 3 CSB buffers have been added to both Rear Coil Springs. This ensures that a much smoother ride is possible even on a bumpy road.

A. ​ Below is the link steps for you to choose size.
Please jack up car first, and measure the gap to determine the size.
If you can send over your measure distance, we can help you determine size.
Also, there are normal (softer) and Pro (harder) two type, for better lift ground clearance, choose DuraTPE pro series.
You can ref. to www.rubbershox.com under support tab for more detail.

Customer response
Thanks guys, I ordered the (regular) D and E sizes for below and above the tightly wound coils to experiment with. Mainly because it’s cheaper, but also because I want to minimize the lift. These are lowering springs and just not stiff enough, so your product seems perfect! 
I’m probably going to start with both D and E on at the same time, then go from there. If it’s still too soft I’ll at least have a better idea of sizing to make a final decision with your PRO line of products!

A. ​ ​of the coil springs design will be have larger gap in the bottom and smaller on top. You can installed the buffer from the bottom and slid up as much as you can after you jacked up your vehicle. This will provide a firm fit of the buffer with your spring and give you maximum support and lift. If the installation is still difficult, you can cut off the top (or both top and bottom)of inner rings to make installation easier. However, you should always use the zip ties provide to tight up your buffer to your springs

A. ​ ​You will still need to jack up your car to measure the gap of your coil spring (D). If you want minimum lift of your vehicle. You can choose the buffers based on your measurement.
If D close to H1 (H1> D > H2) you will get minimum lift but will still get support on your suspension system.
If D close to H2 (H1 > D > H2) You will get maximum lift and support.
We will suggest CSB series for your application. 

A. If your spring is a little big you may trim the inner ring edge to allow it  to fit.  you may attempt to trim the bottom firs if not success then trim the top inner trim ,   doing this we recommend adding 4 zip ties to secure it ( we provide two per buffer).
Added Note: If the spring is about 0.75 (3/4inch), we recommend rubber blocks as alternative. 

A. Please measure the space between the shock and the coil it less than 0.25 inch  it will not fit with the shock dust cover.   Please readjust buffer different location or install a rubber block.  

Thanks for contacting to RubberShox.
We do not have your vehicles in our database. But we can assist in two way

  1. Please download measuring- tool from Amazon or RubberShox website, print and cut the measuring-tool template to measure your car coil spring  (make sure jack up car first and measure the gap to determine the size.)
  2. We can also help you determine size if you send over your coil spring gap distance (make sure jack up car and measure the center spring larger gap zone)

There are four different types hardness below base on your vehicle and application.  Higher weight support may create stiffer right but increase more ground clearance

  • CSB Super: 6000Lbs GW and 7000Lbs combined with Rubber Block Booster
  • CSB Pro: 5500Lbs GW and 6500Lbs combined with Rubber Block Booster
  • CSBS Plus: 5000Lbs GW and 6000Lbs combined with Rubber Block Booster
  • CSBS: 4500Lbs GW and 5500Lbs combined with Rubber Block Booster.

Thanks again for choosing RubberShox. We take the Hit for You

RubberShox Team